Smart home systems - using the best smart home devices custom designed for you.

Smart home systems are making people’s lives easier and safer. With the ability to change and program appliances, smart technology modernizes any home. The friendly professionals at Blackpoint Technology design networking, security, and integrated home control systems in NJ, and we understand how the best smart home devices, a smart home hub, and mobile apps can work together to improve your life.

3 Ways Smart Homes Improve Your Life

Energy Management

One of the greatest things about a smart home system is the efficiency that comes with it. A smart home hub programmed for use with a smartphone or tablet controls the air temperature, security cameras, lighting, and other systems, allowing you to maximize efficiency by setting your preferences simultaneously. Energy management has never been simpler.

Integrated Home Control

Smart home technology and simple convenience go hand in hand, making life better and easier. Whether you’re in your smart house, out running errands, or on vacation, integrated home control gives you the ability to manage everything. Customized programming also provides a more convenient lifestyle. With smart homes, you can have your blinds drawn and air conditioner set for a specific time every day, so you don’t have to worry about doing it manually. Automated lighting provides a welcoming environment your whole family will enjoy.


Not only do smart home systems give you the ability to monitor your doors, windows, and exterior with security cameras and sensors; they also keep your home safe by detecting fires, pipe bursts, and gas leaks. The system alerts you of any potential threats to your smart house so you can react sooner and keep you, your family, and your property safe. Automated lighting ensures your home is well-lit whether you’re home or away.

Are you ready for your Smart Home System?


If you’re looking for a trusted company to install smart home technology to keep you safe and make life easier, look no further than Blackpoint Technology.

Serving the Monmouth County, NJ community and surrounding areas, our experienced professionals provide a variety of smart home system products and services including security cameras, video conferencing equipment, Sonos®, and Savant® products. We can also help plan and install smart home systems, automated lighting, energy management systems, off-grid solutions, networking, and Wi-Fi.

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