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An Introduction to the World of Dolby Atmos


By J. Paul Hughes of Blackpoint Technology NJ 


Introduction to Dolby Atmos

Surround sound is familiar to most and has existed since 1940. Numerous developments have expanded on the concept of dividing sound into discrete channels placed around a room to form a fuller sound. Each of these advancements has been incremental until now. 

In 2014, Pixars Brave introduced Dolby Atmos to motion pictures. The first television show to incorporate Dolby Atmos was Game of Thrones.

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4 Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Area for a Luxury Backyard




There's nothing quite like enjoying a beautiful summer night in your backyard, surrounded by friends and family. You've just finished grilling a delicious meal in your outdoor kitchen, and now you are gathered around, eating, drinking, and enjoying each other's company. The gentle breeze and the sound of laughter create the perfect atmosphere.

But why stop there? Elevate this scene even further. Let accent lighting illuminate the natural beauty of your yard, highlight the lush greenery, and showcase architectural features. An outdoor TV is ready to put on the big game or your favorite movie, creating a cozy outdoor theater. Meanwhile, a high-end audio system softly fills the air with your favorite songs, providing a soundtrack to the perfect evening. Here are four ways to take your outdoor living space to the next level.

  1. Elegant Outdoor Lighting
  • Description: Create a captivating ambiance with energy-efficient and stylish outdoor LED fixtures. Use a mix of accent, pathway, step, and uplighting to highlight landscaping, architectural features, and provide functional illumination.
  • Tips: Opt for smart lighting solutions that can be controlled remotely and set on schedules to enhance convenience and energy efficiency.
  • Recommended: Coastal Source for lighting solutions. Their product is elegant, hearty, and high-performance. We love its all-weather ruggedness, even in seaside communities.
  1. Resort Quality Outdoor Audio
  • Description: Enhance your outdoor entertainment experience with top-quality outdoor speakers and sound systems. Choose weather-resistant and high-performance audio equipment that delivers clear, powerful sound. Having two speakers cranking poor-quality audio will leave you and your guests underwhelmed. Consider a professionally designed and installed landscape audio system that evenly distributes audio throughout your property. These solutions can play at high volumes for a concert-like sound but also distribute sound evenly at low volumes so music can be heard, but conversations are not strained.  
  • Recommended: Look for brands like Coastal Source, JBL, Revel, or Tru-Audio
  1. Outdoor TV for All-Weather Viewing
  • Description: An outdoor TV can make your backyard the perfect place for watching movies, sports, and shows. Choose a weatherproof TV designed to withstand storms while delivering high-quality visuals.  4K TVs are now available and can handle frigid winter temperatures or stand up well to the heat of summer.  The better outdoor TVs offer different models for Full Sun, Partial Sun, and Full Shade. 
  • Recommended: Samsung “The Terrace”, SunBriteTV, Séura.
  • Installation Tips: Position the TV in a shaded area to reduce glare and enhance viewing comfort. Use a weatherproof TV cover for added protection when not in use.
  1. Luxury Outdoor Furniture
  • Description: Invest in durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor furniture. Polywood offers a range of high-quality, eco-friendly furniture, perfect for creating a stylish and sustainable outdoor living space.
  • Recommended Products: We recommend Polywood products due to their balance of comfort and beauty. Their catalog is large including chairs, dining sets, and lounge furniture in many styles and colors.


Enhancing your outdoor entertainment area with these luxurious touches can transform your backyard into a haven of comfort and style. Whether you're hosting a party or enjoying a quiet evening, a well-designed outdoor space adds value and pleasure to your home. For more ideas and professional installation services, contact Blackpoint Technology, your trusted home automation company located in New Jersey, to help you create the perfect outdoor experience.

Achieve Energy Independence with Savant & Blackpoint Technology




Energy independence is now more attainable and worthwhile in our modern world, where the outdated energy grid is increasingly susceptible to frequent power outages. At Blackpoint Technology, based in Monmouth County, New Jersey, we specialize in helping homeowners achieve true energy independence with the advanced Savant Power System. Discover how you can untether from grid dependency and embrace sustainable, self-sufficient energy with dynamic app-based controls and schedules that prepare you for any weather or grid-related outages.


Grid independence through Microgrid Technology

The Savant Power System empowers you by providing greater control over your energy consumption. This innovative system seamlessly integrates grid power with solar energy, allowing you to reduce utility costs and ensure continuous power, even during severe weather conditions. Additionally, the Savant system supports rapid EV charging using solar power, making it a comprehensive solution for modern, eco-friendly living.


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Our Top Choice for MicroLED Solutions: Ventana by Megapixel VR 

Ventana by MegaPixel

We are often asked which displays perform best for clients seeking superior visual clarity and color while still being an elegant and architectural friendly solution. Blending interior design and performance is the highest form of our craft and in the fast growing realm of high-end video walls, MicroLED is a superior choice for ideal client outcomes. 

Blackpoint Technology, takes the vetting, deployment and real world testing of its solutions seriously before making recommendations to our clients. We want high performing, low maintenance and impactful results for every install. In the ever evolving world of digital display technology, distinguishing between myriad options to find the best fit for client needs is daunting. To best satisfy client requests, we're committed to offering our clients not just products but integrated solutions that excel in innovation, quality, and reliability. After thorough analysis and consideration of the current market offerings, we've identified Ventana by Megapixel VR as our preferred choice for MicroLED solutions. Here’s why: 

Unmatched Technical Excellence 

Ventana by Megapixel VR represents a significant leap forward in MicroLED display technology, thanks to its robust core technology protected by over 200 patents. The system offers unparalleled clarity with its nearly invisible 0.8mm pixel pitch and supports ultra-high resolutions up to 8192 x 4320. This technical prowess ensures that whether for commercial applications or high-end entertainment, Ventana delivers superior picture quality and color accuracy. 

Innovative Design for Seamless Architectural Integration 

One of Ventana’s standout features is its innovative design. With a minimal form factor of just 15 mm, similar to a typical ceramic tile, Ventana reimagines the LED tile as an architectural material. This allows for seamless architectural integration without consuming valuable floor space, offering a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic that complements any environment. The tiles’ ability to emulate various materials, from marble to wood, in low power mode adds to their versatility, making them a perfect fit for creative architectural projects. 

Integration & On Site Installation 

We successfully paired JBL Synthesis Dolby Atmos 10.4.6 surround with Savant control for a powerful and truly immersive experience that is highly reliable, architecturally stunning and leaves our clients literally grinning ear-to-ear with their media solution. Stay tuned for a forthcoming case study that delves into the specifics of this unique space. As for the installation, Megapixel oversees the installation working hand-in-glove with your systems integrator, offering unparalleled on site installation expertise. Their precision and professionalism is a pleasure to work along side of. 

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