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Commercial Technology


Distinguish your New Jersey business with state-of-the-art audio and video technology that fosters growth.



Whether it’s for commerce or education, elevate your entity with technology that enhances efficiency and enriches the user experience. Dive into the innovative options available for New Jersey businesses.

Control and oversee your premises’ tech from a unified system to simplify routine operations.

Centralize your tech infrastructure to streamline management and operations.

Manage daylight and reduce glare and heat with automated window treatments.

Utilize advanced surveillance to secure your premises and data.

Offer superior, easily managed sound across your property.

Boost morale and cut expenses with smart lighting solutions.

Executive Conference Room

Enable high-level communication with user-friendly commercial audio video solutions and environmental controls for your leadership team.

Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Conference Room Technology Integration · Presentation Technology · Hidden Audio Video · Motorized Window Treatments · Video Conferencing
conference room with shade risen halfway and projector screen

Integrated Room Control

Instantly prepare lights, shades and AV for any application with integrated room controls.

Presentation Technology

Make your message hit every time with high-resolution displays and crystal-clear audio.

Motorized Window Treatments

Adjust natural lighting for meetings or presentations with one-touch control of shades.


Enhance the ambiance of your venue with automated settings that adjust lighting, climate, and multimedia to provide a memorable experience for guests.
Common Solutions
Intelligent Lighting · Distributed Audio · Video Solutions · Display Screens · Automated Window Treatments · Climate Automation · Energy-Efficient LED · High-Speed Internet
large image of a restaurant with glass windows and LED Lighting

HVAC Control

Reduce HVAC costs with automated climate control based on the weather conditions, time of day and overall occupancy.

Energy-Efficient LED

Get optimal lighting for guests and staff alike without breaking the bank by integrating easy-to-use LED fixtures.

Automated Window Treatments

Have shades automatically close when windows are hit directly by sunlight to improve diners’ comfort.


Design a vibrant workout or relaxation area with customizable lighting and sound that motivates and retains clientele.
Common Solutions
Adaptive Lighting · Soundscapes · Display Screens · Video Solutions · Automated Shading · Temperature Control · Discreet AV · Wireless Connectivity
spa with red walls and star ceilings

Adaptive Lighting

Train in an environment that invigorates members with lighting that encourages focus and boosts their energy levels.


Your music sets the tone whether its booming bass for a dance fitness lesson or calming nature sounds for yoga sessions.

Wireless Connectivity

Make patrons happy with fast, reliable Wi-Fi in your establishment that lets them check emails or watch videos.


Craft versatile venues capable of hosting everything from weddings to corporate events, equipped with immersive sound and visual systems for an engaging experience.
Common Solutions
Adaptive Lighting · Sound Distribution · Video Solutions · Space Integration Control · Wireless Internet · Automated Shading
event venue with lighting technology and projector screens

Adaptive Lighting

Adjust lights throughout your event to highlight speakers while keeping guests comfortable and engaged.

Sound Distribution

No one misses out on the action with distributed audio that reaches everyone in attendance through discreet speakers.

Video Solutions

Instantly convey your message to attendees with high-resolution displays strategically placed throughout the room.


Elevate the tasting experience with atmospheric lighting, bespoke audiovisual setups and digital displays for information and art, all manageable through intuitive technology.

Common Solutions
Smart Lighting · Audio/Visual Systems · Digital Signage · Security Cameras · Entry Management · Automated Controls · Network Solutions · Climate Management
winery with purple couches and hardwood accents

Lighting Control

Naturally illuminate your Monmouth County property to showcase its aesthetics while helping patrons unwind.

Smart Security

Integrated smart locks, access control, video surveillance, and alarms keep your facility safe at all times.

Distributed Audio Video

High-definition audio and video throughout the space for entertainment, ambiance, events, information, and more, all controlled from a simplified, intuitive interface.


Modernize your meeting areas with commercial audio video solutions that support seamless collaboration, ensuring high-quality communications and efficient, interactive meetings.

Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Conference Room Technology Integration · Presentation Technology · Hidden Audio Video · Motorized Window Treatments · Video Conferencing
medium conference room

Lighting Control

Have the perfect natural and artificial lighting combination with pre-scheduled settings and one-touch control of fixtures and shades.

Integrated Room Control

Take control of your next meeting with intuitive controls for sharing content, adjusting lights and closing shades.

Video Conferencing

Elevate team and client interactions with high-end AV equipment and collaboration software.


Let’s actualize your vision and set your Monmouth County business apart from the competition. Reach out for further details and to initiate your project.

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