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Savant presents bespoke smart home solutions, crafting an environment of unparalleled luxury and comfort. Our expert Savant installation teams ensure seamless integration of these luxurious systems into your New Jersey property.

Home Theater

Elevate your home cinema experience with Savant's intuitive control, bringing high-definition visuals and pristine sound quality into the palm of your hand.
woman watching tv in modern room savant technology

Experience Entertainment Elevated with a Savant Dealer


IP Audio 50

Immerse yourself in superior sound with Savant's integrated IP music system. Enjoy built-in streaming from Spotify and Pandora, enhanced by powerful 50-watt amplification for each channel.

IP Audio 125

Elevate your audio experience with the IP Audio 125, featuring 125 watts per channel and AirPlay compatibility. This solution enriches your New Jersey home cinema with flawless sound over your network.

IP Video Input

Experience 4K HDR video effortlessly distributed across your home without cumbersome wiring with a Savant dealer. Savant's fiber optic solutions deliver unparalleled clarity and immediate response for an impeccably sharp picture.

Video Tiling In The Pro App

Upgrade your viewing with a multi-content display. Easily divide your screen into various tiles via the app, enabling simultaneous sports events viewing or security surveillance, all in high definition.

Whole Home Audio

Revolutionize your auditory landscape with Savant's whole-home audio solutions, offering superior sound and effortless integration. Access a world of music with ease through an app, remote, or elegant keypads.
moody theater room with savant technology

Embrace the Pinnacle of Savant Home Audio


Professional-Grade Audio

Enjoy studio-quality streaming or your Hi-Fi collection anywhere in your home with 24-bit/96kHz digital clarity.

Discover Music Unbound
Curate a unique music dashboard, seamlessly browsing through multiple streaming platforms.
Incorporate state-of-the-art wireless, architectural, or surface speakers for immersive sound.
IP Audio
Flexibly expand your system with audio over your network, from any source to any speaker.
Instantly set the mood for any occasion with tailored soundtracks at the push of a button.
One-App Control
Seamlessly command your entire music library through a unified app interface on your chosen devices.


Master the art of illumination with Savant's advanced lighting controls, seamlessly blending ambiance and functionality to illuminate your lifestyle.

Illuminate Your World



Automatically adjust your Monmouth County home’s lighting to match your daily routine or special moments with customizable scenes crafted as part of a professional Savant installation, accessible via mobile app or scheduled to your preference.


Interactively adjust your lighting’s color and brightness in real time with TrueImage, capturing and applying your preferred settings to create and save new scenes effortlessly.

Motorized Shading

Savant Shades by J Geiger
Since 2011, J Geiger has been known for its sleek, minimalist shades. In 2023, the stylish brand became part of Savant's portfolio. Now, stunning motorized shades and powerful automation combine to perfectly accentuate high-end living spaces for a seamless and sophisticated user experience.
moody theater room with savant technology

Designer Fabrics & Savant Control Are the Perfect Pairing

Enjoy Natural Lighting Like Never Before

Savant Automated Shades, Designed by J Geiger, Offer Simplicity & Elegance

Have to mention J Geiger
Enjoy the reliable performance and standout beauty of Savant Shades by J Geiger. The Savant App offers an intuitive experience, allowing you to adjust shades, create scenes, and preschedule operations with just a few button taps or a voice command.

Each J Geiger shade features customizable automation options, aluminum hardware, and a minimalist profile that’s as beautiful as it is simple to operate.

No visible tech
Rechargeable, RF and smart motors are all wire-free, so your design and fabric selections stand out instead of the tech.
Custom Sizing and Fitting
Tailor Savant Shades by J Geiger for any living space, with single shade configurations up to 10 feet wide, and up to 14 feet wide for coupled shade configurations.
Designer Options
Complement your interior aesthetic with silver, black, or white aluminum hardware, and fabrics ranging from sheer to blackout opacities.
Shades operate according to the time of day or on demand, so living spaces always look luxurious and feel comfortable.

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