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Uncover the seamless integration of smart technology throughout your Monmouth County property.



From your sleeping quarters to the entertainment center, smart technology marries elegance with practicality across your New Jersey residence. Explore the endless opportunities below.

Seamless management of your home’s technological elements.

Access superior entertainment with unparalleled ease.

State-of-the-art safety with detailed surveillance and insights.

Reliable and fast connectivity for all your digital needs.

Crafted for unrivaled audiovisual experiences in comfort.

Maintain aesthetic purity with inconspicuously integrated solutions.


Start your day with a personalized atmosphere and wind down with settings that seamlessly blend into the start and end of your day.
Common Solutions
Smart Home Control · Smart Lighting Control Systems · Custom Window Treatment Automation · Multi-room Music · Voice Control · Hidden Audio Video · Motorized Lifts
savant bedroom with white tones and modern furniture

Custom Window Treatments

Automation of custom window treatments lets you manage sunlight with ease.

Multi-room Music

Decompress at the end of the night with high-quality music emanating from invisible speakers.

Voice Control

Let your personal assistant adjust lights, climate volume and more at your command.

Home Office

Ensure you're always connected and conference-ready with top-tier communication tech and unwavering internet service.
Common Solutions
Adaptive Lighting · Automated Blinds · Temperature Adjustment · Focus-Enhancing Illumination · High-Speed Internet · Seamless Video Calls · Sound Optimization
modern home office with a macbook and bright windows

Lighting Control

Easily adjust lights for video calls, focused work and more with one button tap.

Motorized Window Treatments

Have uninterrupted comfort with shades that automatically close to reduce the glare on your screen.


Boost productivity with robust Wi-Fi that keeps you seamlessly connected to work.

Family Room

Elevate leisure and family time with smart solutions that create a cozier and more engaging atmosphere.

Common Solutions
Integrated Home Systems · Ambient Lighting · Automated Blinds · Entertainment Management · Concealed Entertainment Systems · Universal Remote Controls

Entertainment Management

Enjoy your favorite music and movies at an instant with intuitive control of your AV equipment.

Universal Remotes

Elevate the traditional universal remote with sleek touch screens and control of lights and shades.

Integrated Home Systems

Bring all your technology under one platform to manage lights, climate and more simultaneously.

Entertainment Room

Design the ultimate entertainment haven with effortless management of an exceptional audiovisual system.

Common Solutions

Smart Home Control · Media Control ·  Smart Lighting Control Systems · Custom Window Treatment Automation  · High-Performance Audio · Hidden Audio Video · Universal Remotes · LED Lighting

Media Room with marantz technology on a wooden console and a plant

Media Control

Access unique pre-set settings that pull up your favorite media for hosting parties or relaxing after work.

Universal Remotes

Whether it's streaming your favorite Pandora station or crafting the ideal atmosphere for movie night, everything is achievable through a single, effortless button press.

High-Performance Audio

Appreciate both modern and vintage audio sources with a high-fidelity speaker system that offers stunning sound.

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