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Lighting Design

Creating an inviting New Jersey home goes beyond selecting paint and furnishings—lighting is crucial. It accentuates architectural details, enhances luxury furnishings, and brings out vibrant colors. Beyond aesthetics, proper lighting improves mood and productivity. Consult a lighting expert to refine your space with designs that promise both beauty and functionality.


Opting for a specialized lighting designer might seem unconventional for those accustomed to relying on electricians and interior designers. However, relegating lighting to a secondary concern compromises its potential. A dedicated lighting designer combines technical skill with artistic insight to tailor unique illuminations for each client.
  • We stay ahead with the latest lighting innovations through continuous education
  • Designers transform unseen light into a vibrant element of your architectural design
  • Leverage expertise in physics, optics, electricity, regulations, and environmental considerations
  • Minimize equipment expenses with competitive pricing and partnerships
  • A detailed initial cost review highlights techniques to cut down on equipment and labor
  • Our attentive team designs personalized lighting plans that resonate with your lifestyle

Color Temperatures at a Glance

Lighting Tones

1,700 K

A red flicker from a match flame offers a calming tone to wind down.

2,700 - 3,300 K

Natural sunset hues provide backlighting for a romantic dinner.

4,100 - 4,150 K

Cool, white coloring encourages focus when working or studying.

5,500 - 6,000 K

Midday tones encourage activity and help your decor shine.

6,500 K

Bathe common living areas in the neutral lighting of a cloudy day.

15,000 - 27,000 K

Limit this blue lighting to hyper-focused activities (and limit before bedtime)

1,850 K

Natural sunset hues provide backlighting for a romantic dinner.

3,000 K

White lighting offers optimal illumination for reading on the couch.

5,000 K

Prime daylight coloration helps colors pop–and cameras pick up surveillance.

6,200 K

Bring this blue-white lighting to the gym as it helps to energize your body.

6,500 - 10,500 K

This blue spectrum is primarily used in offices to boost concentration.
Lighting Tones

1,700 K

Match flames & low-pressure sodium lamps

2,700 - 3,300 K

Incandescent lamps & soft-white flourescent lamps

4,100 - 4,150 K

Moonlight; cool-white lamps

5,500 - 6,000 K

Vertical daylight

6,500 K

Daylight; overcast fluorescent lamps

15,000 - 27,000 K

Daylight; overcast fluorescent lamps

1,850 K

Candle Flame, sunrise, sunset

3,000 K

Warm-white fluorescent lamos

5,000 K

Horizon daylight

6,200 K

Xenon short-arc lamp

6,500 - 10,500 K

LCD or CRT Screen

Essential Layers of Light

A single-tone lighting approach can lead to visual discomfort and uninspired spaces. Employ a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to achieve a harmonious and adaptable environment.
Ambient Light
Fill your rooms with gentle light through natural sources, ceiling fixtures, or hanging lights.
Task Lighting
Brighten workspaces with focused lighting from pendants, desk lamps, or under-cabinet lights.
Accent Lighting
Draw attention to art, decor, and architectural details with lighting that’s thrice as bright as your ambient light.
  • Daytime

    Embrace productivity with the "Daytime" scene at 9 a.m. to activate bright ambient and task lighting, enhancing focus in your home office.

  • Bedtime

    Dim lights gradually while switching them to a warm orange glow as you prepare for sleep by activating a “Bedtime” scene on your phone.

  • Entertaining

    Host in style with an “Entertaining” scene that switches lights to a cooler blue-white hue that encourages movement and conversation.

  • Movie Night

    Enjoy movies in a perfect environment with a “Movie Night” scene that closes the shades and dims the lights to eliminate glare on the screen.

Architectural Fixtures

Achieve a balanced lighting scheme by incorporating a variety of fixtures instead of relying solely on recessed ceiling lights. Our selection of premium pendants, downlights, and track lighting ensures even, attractive illumination that supports daily tasks and enriches décor throughout New Jersey homes and workspaces.

Linear Pendants

Style-Centric Fixtures

Choose from pendant lights in various colors and finishes for lighting that enhances your décor by providing optimal ambient and task lighting. Have these pendants hanging on the ceiling or as part of a more versatile track system with adjustable fixtures.


Clutter-Free Ambient Lighting

Downlights are the usual go-to for ambient lighting. They are unobtrusive and, with expert lighting designs, can even play a role in task or accent lighting. Versatile mounting options include round or square trims and either recessed or flush-mounted installations.

Retrofit Downlights

Upgrade Your Lighting

Downlights are the heavy hitters in your lighting design, making them a prime choice for upgrading spaces. That’s why we offer low-profile retrofit models that will fit into existing recessed housing. Replace existing round or square lights with tunable LED fixtures.

Track lighting

The All-Around Artist
Track lighting is the latest trend in lighting design due to its flexibility. With a small footprint, whether in a track or rail system, it works for showcasing art, illuminating cabinets or even lighting up walkways. Choose from curved, round or straight models.


Maximize your lighting's potential with an intuitive wireless lighting control system. It allows for easy management of various lighting types, creating a cohesive atmosphere while ensuring a clean, uncluttered setup.


Personalized control interfaces on touchpads or mobile apps simplify lighting adjustments with user-friendly menus, allowing for changes in intensity, color, and scenes with just a tap.


The central processor ensures smooth, lag-free communication between controls and fixtures, selected for its capacity to efficiently handle your New Jersey home’s demands.

Dimming Panels

Centralized dimmer panels offer discreet control, reduce wall clutter, and facilitate sophisticated programming. From a concealed location, you can control lighting, fans, and more.

Smart Dimmers/Switches

Enhance Monmouth County décor with sleek smart dimmers and switches that consolidate control, allowing for scene activation and lighting adjustments across the home. They are available in a variety of finishes to match any style.


Incorporate motorized shades for improved daily routines, climate control, security, and privacy, elevating your living quality. Choose from an array of fabrics and styles for a perfect décor match, with automation available in the forms of preset scenes and sensors for effortless shade adjustments. Make instant adjustments through seamless control available via apps or touchpads. Explore the possibilities that Lutron motorized shades, blinds, and drapes bring to your New Jersey living spaces.

  • Integrate shades with your smart home system and simultaneously adjust shades and fixtures to get the lighting you want.
  • Set your preferred settings for zones throughout the house and pull them up quickly
  • Synchronize shades to lower ad rise in unison at scheduled times—with quiet motors that don’t disrupt your day-to-day
  • Intuitive controls allow everyone in the house to easily adjust shades no matter their size or location


Energy Savings
Automate shades to manage sunlight, utilizing or blocking solar heat as needed.
Security Enhancement
Use timers for automatic adjustments, maintaining a lived-in look when you’re away.
Decor Harmony
Select from numerous fabrics and styles without compromising your design.
Privacy at Ease
Achieve privacy with a single button press, setting automatic adjustments for convenience during the busiest times of the day.
Furniture Protection
Protect interiors from UV damage with programmed shade adjustments during peak sunlight.
Blue frame with fabric Lutron Palladiom roller shades
Roller Shades
Lutron Solar shades in a white loft
Solar Shades
blue honeycomb shades on a window overlooking the ocean
Cellular Shades
woven wooden roman shades by Lutron
Woven Roman Shades
Blackout shades by Lutron in a cool grey bedroom
Blackout Shades
Horizontal Sheer Blinds by Lutron in an olive green bedroom
Horizontal Sheer Blinds
Roman Shades by Hunter Douglas in a home office
Roman Shades


    Elevate your living experience with expertly designed and controlled lighting solutions, offering a seamless blend of luxury and practicality. Our team provides end-to-end service, ensuring your Monmouth and Ocean County spaces shines in its best light.

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